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Key Steps & Stages

Competition Process:

  1. Initiation of Online Registration
    The registration process commences on the FOGA webpage.
  2. Acceptance and Information Package
    Upon successful acceptance into the Face of Goge Africa competition, you’ll receive your registration ID, materials, and comprehensive information on official participation. Email instructions will cover voting processes and guidelines.
  3. Social Media Entry & USSD Voting Launch
    Craft a 30-second video showcasing why you should be the Face of Goge Africa. This step provides the chance to be selected among the Top 1000 Models.
  4. Cultural Representation on Social Media
    Display yourself in ethnic attire on social media, representing your chosen African ethnic/cultural group. Emphasize Goge Africa values in your content.
  5. Social Media Engagement and Voting Advocacy
    Appropriately tag social media accounts and encourage votes with hashtags: #FaceOfGogeAfrica, #FOGA, #GogeAfrica, #FOGAContestants.
  6. Closure of USSD Voting for Top 100 Selection
    USSD Voting concludes, leading to the final photo session, interviews, and camp entry for the Top 100.
  7. Selection of Top 50 Contestants
    The Top 50 contestants are chosen for the main event.
  8. Preparation and Engagement of Selected Contestants
    Selected contestants engage in photo sessions, a brief camp, and the main event. Responsibilities include contract signing, interviews, runway walks, brand representation, and potential sponsorship.
  9. Professionalism and Coordination During the Competition
    Contestants are expected to exhibit professionalism, commitment, and coordination throughout the competition.
  10. Evaluation Criteria During FOGA Main Event
    Contestants are judged on Boldness, Creativity, Cultural representation, Face uniqueness, and an elegant runway walk. Additionally, their interpretation of the event theme is assessed.
  11. Post-Win Opportunities
    Winning one of the five crowns opens up a year filled with philanthropic and professional opportunities. It also secures a spot among the 50 models competing on a globally televised stage.

FOGA Competition

Rules & Guidelines

  1. The 5 winners of the competition must exude confidence, understanding the values of our brand and the responsibilities that come with the title. They should possess the ability to articulate their ambitions, demonstrating authenticity, credibility, and grace under pressure. The competing models embody the modern, global aspirations shared by men and women alike.
  2. Each competition kicks off with preliminary interviews, featuring creative costume or athletic wear presentations, as well as an evening outfit walk. These preliminary events are crucial as they serve as the initial opportunity for judges and fans to truly get to know the delegates.

The preliminary competition serves as the foundation for selecting the Semifinalists & Finalists:

  1. The live show and final competition begin with the announcement of the top 50 Semifinalists. Each contestant walks the runway, showcasing dedication and elegance.
  2. Semifinalists proceed to the second stage, featuring the evening Outfit segment.
  3. The judges and fans observe contestants’ personal style during the evening Outfit segment. The design of the outfit doesn’t contribute to the total score; instead, judges focus on the confidence displayed by each contestant.
  4. Based on scores from the evening Outfit competition, the Top 15 competitors are selected, advancing to the Final Question round. Each contestant randomly selects a judge who poses a question on various social, cultural, and political topics. The Final Question round assesses the contestant’s ability to articulate themselves under pressure, providing a thoughtful, well-informed response. Scores are averaged, and the Top 10 contestants proceed to the Final Look.
  5. The event concludes with the host announcing the top 5 winners. If a winner cannot fulfill their duties, the first-runner up or next in line will take their place.
  6. After the event, winners participate in media tours and attend the prize presentation party (all top 50 contestants will be invited to celebrate with the winners).
  7. Winners also enjoy a fashion VIP train ride and a 2-day destination tour, among other post-event activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in FOGA, potential contestants need to apply through the website and social media entry. It’s crucial to complete both processes for accurate data collection.

Contestants must be between 18 and 35 years old on the date the National competition commences.

Certainly! Contestants are allowed to compete more than once. However, once someone wins, they can participate only once.

To best prepare for FOGA, contestants should grasp the values of GOGE AFRICA and the title’s responsibilities. Expressing personal and professional goals during the reign is essential. Consider the following when competing at the state and/or national level:

  • Define aspirations and reasons for competing.
  • Showcase leadership in the community.
  • Explain how the title will be used to impact society.
  • Identify a specific social group of focus and provide reasons.
  • Propose solutions to global issues.
  • Share plans for making the world a better place if crowned.
  • Define ambition and how it’s encouraged in others.

Being Face of GOGE Africa is a full-time, multi-faceted job with life-shaping opportunities. Grand winners travel, make appearances, advocate for those in need, and represent sponsors. Selection criteria involve looking for models comfortable in their own skin, authentic, empathetic, and determined to make a mark in the world. Contestants are advised to reflect on their identity, passions, engage with their community, and step outside their comfort zone.

After winning, contestants embark on a media and vacation tour. Those with the highest scores relocate briefly to Lagos City to meet their new FOGA Organization family. Winners, in collaboration with GOGE AFRICA, plan to achieve their goals on the national and global scale.

Host sites are chosen based on factors such as city infrastructure and venue capabilities for production. The first edition will be held in Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Face of Goge Africa competition is an annual contest organized by GOGE Africa Worldwide Limited, aimed at discovering and promoting young, talented Africans for greater opportunities.

The competition is open to young individuals between the ages of 18 and 35, who have a passion for promoting African culture and tourism. Participants should be of African descent and possess a strong interest in showcasing the beauty and diversity of the African continent.

To apply for the competition, interested individuals can visit the official FOGA website and complete the online application form during the specified application period. Details about the application process, requirements, and deadlines is provided on the website. Click here to fill out the application form

The selection process involves a combination of factors, including personality, knowledge of an African culture and history, communication skills, passion for tourism, and overall presentation. Contestants will be evaluated based on their ability to embody the values and ethos of Goge Africa.

The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to serve as a brand ambassador for Goge Africa, a 1 year Modelling contract, a car prize, cash prize, travel opportunities, participate in various cultural & tourism events, receive mentorship from industry experts, and gain exposure to a wide audience through media appearances and promotional activities.

Yes! the winner of the Face of Goge Africa competition will receive a range of exciting prizes, which includes cash rewards, all-expense-paid trips, TV Presentation contract, destination influencer, educational opportunities, and valuable networking experiences. Runners-up and finalists may also receive recognition and other rewards.

To stay informed about the competition, including application deadlines, selection criteria, and updates on the contestants, you can follow @faceofgogeafrica @gogeafrica on social media platforms, subscribe to their newsletters, and regularly check our official website for announcements.

The Face of Goge Africa (FOGA) competition is open to individuals of African descent residing anywhere in the world. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about promoting African culture and tourism, you are welcome to apply.

Yes! participating in the Face of Goge Africa (FOGA) competition can provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities for all contestants. Even if you do not win, the experience and connections gained during the competition can be beneficial for personal and professional growth.

For any additional questions or clarifications about the Face of Goge Africa (FOGA) competition, you can reach out to the organizers through the contact information provided on the official Goge Africa website (click here) or through their official social media channels.

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