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Ethiopian Envoy Pays Courtesy Visit To Goge Africa

Ethiopian Envoy Visits Goge Africa

Spurred by the interconnection between tourism and trade, countries are consistently seeking strategic partnership with top tourism stakeholders, to shore up the visibility of their tourism assets. As such, accelerating the frontiers of trade and investment, through promotion of tourism destinations, is a key component of these partnerships.

Trade and Tourism Officer, Embassy of Ethiopian, Hermella Matthewos Asfaw being welcomed to Goge Africa by the C.E.O. and M.D. of Goge Africa, Metche and Nneka Isaac-Moses.
L-R: Hermella Matthewos Asfaw, Trade and Tourism Officer, Ethiopian Embassy; Nneka Isaac-Moses, M.D. Goge Africa, smiling to a prospective fruitful relations.

Driven by the need to forge mutually beneficial relationship, between a front line pan-African tourism and culture brand – Goge Africa; and  the historical symbol of resistance on the African continent – Ethiopia; an envoy from the Ethiopian Embassy paid a courtesy call to Goge Africa at its Maryland office.

Hermella (M), presenting Ethiopian souvenirs to Goge Africa duo Metche (L) and Nneka Isaac-Moses(R)

Ethiopian Trade and Tourism Officer, Hermella Mathewos Asfaw, representing the country, used the occasion to highlight the tourism potentials which abound in Ethiopia and how these assets should be part of the Contents in the broadcasts by Goge Africa. She therefore lauded an initiative of Goge Africa titled 20 MUST VISIT DESTINATIONS IN AFRICA , as a strategic positioning of Africa to the world.  She reiterated why Ethiopia must be in that  upcoming  travelogue. She recounted some of the envious positions Ethiopia occupies in Africa, such as, the African country with the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites (11), the only African Nation that was never colonized, its hospitable populace, and the beautiful and relaxing climate that is all year round. She strongly affirmed that Ethiopia is certainly a MUST VISIT DESTINATION!

Hermella (M), explaining the motifs embossed on a scarf presented to Goge Africa M.D., Nneka Isaac-Moses (R) to the admiration of the C.E.O., Metche Isaac Moses (L).
Metche Isaac-Moses(L), Hermella Mathewos Asfaw(M) and Nneka Isaac-Moses(R) pose to the camera.


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