Ifeanyi Nnadi

Goge Africa wins Top Award at Akwaaba 2018 organized by African Travel Market

The 14th edition of Akwaaba  travel and tours event took place on the 9th to 11th of September at Eko Hotel and Suites VI, Lagos Nigeria.  It featured industry players in the African travel and tours industry from within and outside Africa who all came for the purpose of promoting the African travel and tourism industry. Goge Africa was on ground to cover all the beautiful sights and sounds from t...[Read More]

Goge connects Benin Republic

In October, we explored Benin Republic and loved every minute of it. From the Songhai Agricultural Centre, to King Toffah’s Palace In Port Novo, down to Ganvie the Venice of Africa where every one lives on water. We also visited the Benin Slave Trade Route, beautiful beaches and restaurants,it was fun all through. Would you like to visit Benin and other Countries? Contact us on +234818600200...[Read More]


  Join us at CARNIVAL CALABAR 2018 💃💃🕺💃💃 Package includes:  One free Carnival Calabar lotto ticket  Hotel Accommodation  Daily Breakfast  Cultural Carnival  Bikers Carnival  Carnival Calabar  International Carnival  Street Party in company of Isaac and Nneka of Goge Africa  Special shout out on Goge Africa!  Culinary Experience of Efik cuisine and original Nigerian Jollof Rice!  Go...[Read More]

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