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    Best Of Lagos

    Lagos is famed as the economic hub of sub-saharan Africa, bustling with the frenzy of commerce. Across its five zones, are touristic destinations, each offering a different unique experience to tourists. Sit back and enjoy, the BEST OF LAGOS. Goge Africa, dedicated to the promotion of Africa’s heritage More

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    Qualities of Good Research Paper Writers

    A good research paper demands professional research paper writers that will meet the demands of the client and deliver the paper flawlessly. This is a big challenge especially for those who are only starting More

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    How To Buy Term Papers Online

    There is a real lack of time available for most tasks on a typical pupil s timetable. It isn’t just 1 term paper per session, it’s multiple ones covering several topics. There are many other missions to More

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    Igba Nkwu

    Proxy marriage is an age-long cultural practice among the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria. This cultural heritage of filial bounding, unique in its element, is the focus of this episode. More

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    Arguably the biggest cultural festival in Igboland, the Igu-Aro in Enugwu-Ukwu marks the beginning of the traditional Igbo calendar. More

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    Strategies For Writing Papers

    An essay is, generally speaking, a writing project that present the writer’s argument, but sometimes the definition is unclear, overlapping with that of a personal letter, an essay, research paper, a book, More

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    Ozomkpu Festival

    In igbo land the chieftancy institution is a highly coveted affair restricted to distinguished personalities in the community. Goge Africa lenses caught up with the induction ceremony into two of the most prestigious titles …Ozonkpu and Iyom . More

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    Nigeria Independence Cruise

    Nigeria, with an expansive waterway, is an emerging destination for cruise tourism in Africa. The coastal state of Lagos, popularly known as the aquatic splendor opens up its waterways for tourism and entertainment. More

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    World Tourism Day

    The world Tourism Day, usually the 27th of September every year. On this episode, Goge Africa throws the spotlight on the contributions of tourism to growth in various capacities in people and communities. More

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    Double Celebration for Goge Africa As Nigeria Turns 61!


    Tourism and cultural heritage promotion before the 90’s was relegated to the background, especially in Nigeria. This was largely due to the heavy reliance on oil revenue. In 1999, following the debut of the multiple award-winning culture and travel TV show Goge Africa, (coincidentally on Nigeria’s independence day), interest in tourism and the appreciation of […] More

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    Burial Culture In Africa

    Africa, in its diversity has several rich cultural practices peculiar to its many communities. Burial culture is a spectacle in Africa, from the obviously elaborate to the solemn rites of passage. More

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