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    Goge Africa Reel

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    Join us for an exclusive 5-minute journey through Goge Africa’s 25 years of promoting tourism and cultural diplomacy. From our humble beginnings to becoming Africa’s premier travel and culture content, we’ve explored the continent’s rich heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant traditions. More

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    Brittany Traditional Wedding


    Witness the dazzling coral beads, exquisite attires, and electrifying music rent the air. That’s the atmosphere of the contemporary Igbo traditional wedding as a couple is welcomed to marital bliss in the communal warmth of joy and feasting. Spot an artist transform metal junk to life size sculptural pieces on this episode of Goge Africa. More

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    Yuletide In South-East Nigeria


    Southeast Nigeria witnesses an upsurge in human traffic during the yuletide. Uncover the drive for this mass migration to East of the Niger by the Igbos of southeast Nigeria? Journey with us on this visual adventure of festivities and celebrations that make Igboland tick, during the yuletide More

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    The Abuja Garden Show


    The event, which drew a diverse crowd of nature enthusiasts, horticulturists, and entrepreneurs in the green economy, provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. More

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    Naija Indigenous Attire


    Let’s explore the diverse influences that shaped Nigeria’s unique style, discover the significance of traditional garments like the agbada, isiagu, and dashiki: Their cultural and social functions, marvel at the vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and time-honoured techniques. More

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