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    Opobo Regatta

    Nwaotam opobo regatta is an age-long heritage in opobo kingdom consisting of the 67 war canoe houses rowing for bragging rights.its exciting, its nostalgic its unmissable ,its entertainment More

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    Igwaji Aggah

    Igwaji Aggah festival is a celebration of the harvest and eating of the new yam in Egbema clan in Rivers State. More

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    Ikeji Festival

    Join Goge Africa on an insight of the famous Ikeji festival a long held Igbo tradition passed on from generations, emanating from Abia state. More

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    Nairobi City Break

    Safari wonders, colorful traditions, tasty meals and stunning city views- all await you on a city break to Nairobi. More

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    MUDI Africa

    Goge Africa goes up close and personal with Clement Mudiaga Enajemo, founder of Mudi Africa as he shares his view on the dynamics of fashion industry in Africa. More

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