Highlighting Africa’s Women for International Women’s Day, 2018.

The street cleaners, the roadside cook, the voice on radio, the non-governmental organization head, the civil servant, the medical professional, the teacher, the mother. We see or hear the women everyday, but not many stop to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices made by women in most societies. But on this International Women’s Day 2018, we pause to recognize the women who move our societies, ...

NGOs Moving African Tourism, Anambra Tourism Portal Initiative Launched.

Tourism is fast evolving and African nations are not left behind. Leaders are now implementing policies to drive the industry forward, visa free entries are being announced and non-government organisations are taking ownership of the industry. We couldn’t be more proud and excited.

Goge Africa Bags More Awards

Goge Africa TV had a good one last week. The team was recognized and awarded for its contributions to culture and tourism promotions on the continent.

Goge Africa Tours East Africa

The trip was fashioned to showcase the young tourist to the ripe potential of African tourism and the rich cultural experiences offered in the visited destinations – Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, General Manager of Goge Africa Nneka Isaac-Moses explained shortly after the group arrived the Murtala Mohammed International Airport.


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#DiscoverAfrica: The Surma Tribes

The Surma tribes are the Suri, Mursi and Me'en groups that inhabit the southwestern part of Ethiopia.

Edikang Ikong Soup

Edikang Ikong soup is very nutritious soup common among the Efiks, people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria. Prepared using pumpkin and water leaves

How to prepare Congo’s Chicken Moambe

Chicken Moambe is a Congo dish prepared with a sauce usually made from the pericarp of palm nuts, the fruit of the African oil palm. It is very similar to Nigerian palm oil stew. Learn how to prepare it from the comfort of your kitchen!

Enjoy a bowl of Plantain Soup (Supu Ya Ndizi) from Tanzania!

All you need is: Peeled green plantains, Chicken broth (3 cans of chicken broth) Salt and pepper

The Limits of “Message Movies” About Africa

Art can certainly dramatize real-life events, as long as it understands them, but it can’t be the earnest volunteer on the street with a Greenpeace clipboard. This kind of art is not really believable, for one, and it can’t match the power of local action, and shouldn’t try to.

African arts star at N’Namdi Center

Contemporary art from Africa and the African diaspora get the spotlight at two small, but cool shows at Detroit’s N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art through Jan. 2.

$16.6 Billion…Aliko Dangote tops the 2015 Forbes List of Africa’s 50 Richest People

Forbes has released its annual list of the 50 richest people in Africa and once again the list is topped by Nigerian entrepreneur, Aliko Dangote with $16.7b

7 great places in Africa you should visit with friends

With the holiday season right around the corner, what better time to embark on a group trip and where better to tour than Africa?

The African designer who doesn’t want to use Africa as a ‘gimmick’

Fashion designer Chi Atanga is comfortable with an identity as a global African. Based in Portugal and Cameroonian-British by background, he is currently in the U.S. looking for investment and sounding out potential markets.

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