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Travel Club

Trusted Travel Brand

Goge Africa Travel Club specializes in corporate, group and individual tours within and around Africa. We have an unbeatable network in Africa. We bri...

#WakaKenya: Naija Meets Kenya

Naija Meets Kenya explores how Nigerians living in Nairobi assimilate into Kenyan society SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Enjoying other wonders of Mount Kenya ...


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Kenya Safari Experience #WakaKenya

Enjoy the cuisine, the safari, the breathtaking views of magical Kenya all on Nairobi city break. Another Goge Africa expedition


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Online Village

Share your thoughts, experience and memorable moments with your friends, family, loved ones and people alike. See what other's are up-to, be part of s...

Fête du Vodoun

Experience ritual dances, goat slaughtering and gin drinking as the world converge in Ouidah for voodoo religious festival. SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Reli...


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Event listing

Find out what events are happening across Africa. List of events in Africa. Get contact address, phone number and email id on upcoming events, exhibit...


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Yusuf Grillo

Yusuf Grillo is a contemporary Nigerian artist known for his inventive works and the prominence of the color blue in many of his paintings


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TV Series

Best TV Programme

Goge Africa TV series is a pan African half hour culture and tourism TV program anchored by the duo of Metche and Nneka. Goge Africa spotlights the ri...


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Latest African News

Stay up to date with what's happening across Africa!


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This episode features an international travel market and exhibition, where hospitality and travel professionals converge to network and develop travel...

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