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7 great places in Africa you should visit with friends

7 great places in Africa you should visit with friends

Boasting the world’s best hotel, an abundance of incredible sights, natural attractions and ofcourse wild life, Africa is arguably one of the hottest places in terms of tourism.

More often than not, trips are better enjoyed when travelling with a companion or better still, a group.

With the holiday season right around the corner, what better time to embark on a group trip and where better to tour than Africa?

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Here are 5 great places you can visit with friends.

  1. Zanzibar: In addition to being one of the most affordable island destinations in Africa, Zanzibar offers a variety of options. Go snorkeling/scuba diving with friends or simply enjoy a great dinner party by the beach.

  2. Tanzania: Climb the epic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with friends for an experience never to be forgotten.

  3. Kenya: Go on a safari tour with friends or simply explore the burgeoning Kenya social scene.

  4. South Africa: Between the vibrant social scene, safari tours and sprawling shopping malls, there is plenty to do with friends in South Africa.

  5. Morocco: With Spain right across the border, Morocco offers a rich mix of North Africa with a hint of a Mediterranean influence. Explore the exotic offerings of this country with friends.

  6. Botswana: This place has been touted as the safest country in Africa, and is also regarded as the country with the most diverse wildlife, offering the perfect holiday spot for friends.

  7. Gambia: A fellow West African country, Gambia offers great beaches, cuisine and more.

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