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Countdown to Carnival Calabar, 2018.

Countdown to Carnival Calabar, 2018.

It’s 142 days until December, and we’re excited. You may wonder why the excitement? It’s 142 days until December, the start of Carnival Calabar, a festival which features one of Africa’s biggest street parties!

Last year, like other years, Goge Africa reveled with participants from all over the world, enjoyed some of Cross River’s sumptuous meals and soaked in the natural beauty and upbeat vibe of Calabar.
This year won’t be different and you’re welcome to join us.
What’s the fuss, you might ask?
Carnival Calabar Festival in Nigeria, also tagged ” Africa’s Biggest Street Party” and began as a vision of the Cross River State to place the state as the number 1 tourist destination for both Nigerians and visitors from outside the shores of Nigeria.

The festivals also includes music performances from both national and international artists, a beauty pageant, boat regatta and traditional dances.

Don’t be left out in the fun, email [email protected] or call 08186002000 or 08186002006 o secure your space with us. Limited spaces available.


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