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Five African Destinations to Check Out.

Five African Destinations to Check Out.

Suitcase, check. Passport, check.
That’s pretty much what you may require for that relaxing vacation, we reckon. But wait, before you jet off or even make the decision to jet off, here are a few African destinations to pay serious attention to now or for your next family vacation. Be mindful, we’ve been to so many destinations, we can go on and on and on with suggestions, but for now, here are some of our picks, but be sure to be back for more African destination options.

The Gambia
Goge Africa visited The Gambia recently. Talk about hospitality, good food and great vibes, without forgetting the serene environment. Looking to have a relaxing vacation away from the hustles and bustles of every-day life? Then The Gambia should definitely be on your list.

Calabar, Nigeria
Get this, you don’t want to miss out being in Calabar, Nigeria at Christmas. Picture Trinidad and Tobago carnival, but at Christmas. Dance with revelers from all over the world, enjoy the very tropical city and punctuate your festival celebrations with amazing food – by the way, Calabar is very famous for delicious traditional meals.

Sun, sea, sand and sweet time: that’s what you should expect from this beautiful Tanzanian destination. Looking for the perfect honeymoon/getaway spot? Look no further, soak in crisp Zanzibar waters as you watch the sun set into the horizon. Added benefit; you get vast space all to yourself on the beach.

Just about each year or every other year and sometimes more than once a year, Goge Africa jets off to enjoy the beauty that is Ethiopia. This East African destination boasts not only of welcoming people, delectable delicacies, but of intensely beautiful resources and a rich history. View some of the world’s oldest cathedrals and learn of the nation’s religious history and significance.

Can you jump higher than a Masai? Ever had lunch overlooking a safari park? A trip to Kenya will afford you the opportunity to do that and much more. Spend an afternoon at the Masai Market digging into a wide selection of handmade crafts, or treat your carnivorous palate at one of Kenya’s favorite – Carnivore Restaurant. Between nature, a diverse cultural heritage and cheer serenity, Kenya is definitely a destination not to be missed.

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