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Press Release

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GOGE AFRICA on TV is the multiple award winning, Pan African media, culture and tourism brand that is ranked FIRST among the top 100 Tour Companies in Africa.

In its two decades of travels over 3million kilometres on four continents, the highly-prized TV Show, has the duo of Isaac and Nneka showcasing the best of Africa’s heritage, culture, tourism and investment opportunities since 1999, along with the attendant professional consultancy services often required by both Patrons and Corporate Bodies.

One of the quality activities planned for GOGE AFRICA at Twenty is a MASTERCLASS on International Best Practice in Tourism that will be held on board the Luxurious Liner ”The ROYAL CARRIBEAN”. This is an excellent corporate networking opportunity that has been strategically developed to sharpen the skills of Culture and Tourism Officials on GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES (GBP). Also, it would serve as a rewarding interaction and classy engagement for all our Distinguished Guests.

However, the full commemorative celebrations, aptly tagged #GogeAfrica20 will take place between the 1st of October 2019 till end of September 2020, running from Lagos/Nigeria, across Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora. 

Briefly, here are some of the activities planned during this period. 

GOGE AFRICA 20TH ANNIVERSARY GALA & AWARD EVENING is a bespoke event and a gathering of High Profile Personalities, African Governments, Diplomatic Communities, Heads of Corporate Organizations, Prominent Traditional Rulers, notable Icons from the Arts & Entertainment Industry along with the giants from the Tourism Ecosystem on the Continent, the Diasporic community and beyond. At the evening, choice awards will be invested in twenty worthy recipients that have been adjudged to have been, altruistic Patrons, commendable Supporters and publicly attested Corporate / Institutional Leaders.

Video Documentary series: Titled “20 MUST-VISIT DESTINATIONS IN AFRICA” 

This unique travelogue series shall profile select tourism friendly countries within the continent visited by team GOGE AFRICA. It is a half hour spotlight to showcase the best of each of these countries and their unique selling points. The series production of which is to commence in earnest, will be broadcast both online and across select TV networks in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

GOGE AFRICA Coffee Table Book: Titled “Our Culture, Our Heritage” is to be formally announced at the 20th Anniversary Gala & Award Night. This book is a picturesque compendium of the mosaic of cultures, heritage sites and destinations we have encountered in the past 20 years of travels, interactions and explorations. 

A Video Documentary series titled “BRANDS & FESTIVALS” is also being produced as part of our anniversary celebrations. This is to visually capture as a repository of our evolution as a people, the values which discerning corporate brands or commercial entities can and should bring to the community and society where they operate. The documentary shall also highlight the essence of cultural festivals as the soul of every African community and the bonding opportunities, there in. 

#GOGEAFRICA20 PHOTO, ARTS, VIDEO, FASHION AND WRITING CONTESTS is a platform to discover, reward and motivate the abundant talents in these area of the Arts, Media and Tourism which abound all over the Continent of Africa.

GOGE AFRICA ARTS, PHOTO & FASHION EXHIBITION shall display some of the never-seen images and artistic expressions from Goge Africa archives and select Photographers, Artists, Fashion Designers, and other Creatives from around Africa.

SYMPOSIUM: Theme Our Culture, Our Heritage” is targeted at stimulating creativity and engagement within the creative industry and tourism ecosystem. This is driven by the noble objective of harmonizing the innate contributions these sectors would naturally impact on economic developments, which will also redound to spur the growth of these sectors in a contemporary digital space. 

This is scheduled for the first week in October 2019 with these key issues:

a. The Role of Film in Culture & Tourism Development                                

b. Strength of partnership in the creative industry

c. Digital Media & Tourism Promotion

d. Sustaining Your Brand against All Odds 


Goge Africa World Wide Limited is a Pan African media and tourism brand.

We produce award winning documentaries and TV programs such as  the multiple award-winning culture and travel television programme – GOGE AFRICA which debuted in 1999 and have continued to promote cultures and destinations in Africa ever since.

The company provides training, consultancy services and special projects in Culture, Tourism and Media.

As a tour company, we package experiential tours for corporate organizations, educational institutions and groups who are interested in the continent of Africa and diaspora.

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Social media: @gogeafrica

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Call: +234 818 600 2000/1


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