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We’re Hiring – Tourism Desk Assistant

We’re Hiring – Tourism Desk Assistant

We are looking for an Assistant for the Tourism desk at a Tour Company based in Lagos.

The role is well suited to someone with a love for travelling. The Tourism Assistant should reasonably understand the  industry, be able to book flights, package tours, showcase amazing places to people and make them want to go there as well as manage protocol and attendant logistics. A vibrant, tech and social media savvy person would have immense advantage particularly if they have worked in travel or tourism for up to 2years and can make presentations. In addition, they need to have good written and spoken English skills as well be quick learners.
This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to excel and can work with tight timelines to achieve set goals. If you have worked with an Airline or Travel Agency, and have IATA certification get in touch with us on:

[email protected]

only if you think you are suitable for the role and we will contact you if we think you are!

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