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20 years of travel and counting… 20 years of promoting tourism in Africa & diaspora Over 3 ,000,000 KM traveled Over 30 African countries visited Explored the diaspora in 4 continents Connected over 100,000 happy tourists to Africa Reached over 50million homes Igniting smiles across Africa and beyond! Goge Africa is a pan African half hour culture and tourism TV program anchored by the duo of Metche and Nneka. Goge Africa spotlights the rich heritage of Africa through travels, festivals, ceremonies, traditional rites, fashion, food, music and dance. The program is presented from different tourist locations in Africa, thereby highlighting the diverse beauty of our heritage. Goge Africa in the past two decades have evolved into a bridge of connection between Africa and the diaspora.

Tourism Training For Young Entrepreneurs

GOGE AFRICA VIRTUAL TOURISM CONFERENCE & WORKSHOP Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Tourism and Economic Development Join decision makers from diverse sectors of the economy and the diaspora to interact with tourism stakeholders and the creative industry in initiating collaborative efforts towards the development and growth of tourism and entertainment in Nigeria, and Africa. Session 01: July […]