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Why Travel

Why Travel

Most times, we get caught up in the harsh rhythm of work and family life that we don’t take time out to break pace with the monotony of living. Especially in an Africa of developing proportions, where each individual is seeking all the more to make ends meet, going even as far as burning the candle at both ends, we often feel the guiltiness of taking a holiday break to travel, as an indulgent pastime of the lazy oaf. But, relevantly, all work and no rest may just transform Jack into quite an overachieving jackass. Taking time to rest and relax affords benefit of regained strength and purpose to strive better at our work. However, the focus we intend here is why we should take time out during such holidays to travel. Of what benefit is travel?

Firstly, taking travel is detaching oneself from the monotonous thread of everyday living. One may set up a different freer timetable on how to spend the travel period. This, particularly, relaxes us physically, because we realize that we do not face the strict routine we have always been used to. Traveling to a different place, then, reinforces the feeling because we are not just freed to a different routine, but also, to a different setting. The relaxation and reinvigoration we enjoy then becomes not only physical but psychological. We renew our perspective on life and refocus on our ideals.

Again, traveling to places affords us new experiences of peoples, cultures, traditions. Like Augustine of Hippo opined, “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. Without experience, many things are lost. We lose greater knowledge and deeper perspective into the complexity of races and peoples. We lose the thrill of new-found experience, that excitement akin to a child’s that has happened on a stray puppy. We lose the respect that grows around recognition of the uniqueness of each person, each culture, and each tradition. Some maxim lightly describes this when it is thinkable that the man who doesn’t travel, thinks his mother the best cook. Traveling to encounter new cultures and experiences allows us a prudent reservation in judging ways of doing things or responding to situations.

Finally, traveling to other places gives us a chockfull of beautiful memories and pictures. These memorabilia keep us company through the sometimes boring discipline of living, and enlighten those drab moments. Many of us, in glancing at pictures, feel the excitement of nostalgia, because, like the French muse, “photos speak”. They remind us of the beauty of our experiences and force us to retell them or better still, relive them.

So, if one is seeking to reenergize oneself, taking a travel holiday, possibly to one of the many destinations in Africa, is a choice one wouldn’t regret opting for. Africa is rich for her tourist sites and attractions, as well as home to a diverse range of cultures. Traveling to one tourist destination in Africa can enrich us with the wealth of these benefits and gradually free our veiled prejudices against Africa.

Article submitted by Nicholas Anakwue

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    Firstly, taking travel is detaching oneself from the monotonous thread of everyday living. One may set up a different freer timetable on how to spend the travel period.

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