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American Venture Capitalist Invests in Nigeria

The journey of conferring Nigeria with the status of “Eldorado of Africa and World Tourism/Investment Destination, is a movement commemorated by a series of...

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The Afro Hair Culture and Beauty Festival African hair fashion captures our attention with outlandish creativity spiced with electrifying cultural dances at the Afro Hair Culture and Beauty Festival.

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Post COVID19 Travel Tips to remember

Having stayed home all these months, some of us may be eager to escape! Plan your trip now with a trusted Tour Operator. Check...

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Travel partner, One day soon at Goge Africa, we shall describe the Covid-19 lockdown in past tense. The world may have slowed down with a...

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Badagry ancient city of culture and heritage.. The point of no return.. Now the point of return. Badagry episode revalidates history and diaspora re-connection...

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