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  • Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

    The celebration of Independence Day in Equatorial Guinea is similar to the celebration of the United States. Public facilities are typically closed and many celebrations are held in honor of this day More

  • Lesotho Independence Day

    Lesotho Independence Day is celebrated on October 4. This public holiday commemorates the independence of the Kingdom of Lesotho from Great Britain in 1966. More

  • Guinea Independence Day

    Guinea celebrates Independence Day as a public holiday. Every year on October 2, Guinea celebrates the anniversary of its independence from France in 1958. More

  • Botswana Independence Day

    Botswana became independent from Great Britain on September 30, 1966. Since 1885, the region had been a British colonycalled the Bechuanaland Protectorate. More

  • Guinea Bissau Independence Day

    National Day of Guinea-Bissau is celebrated on September 24. This public holiday commemorates the proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau from Portugal in 1973. More

  • Gabon Independence Day

    The Gabonese Republic celebrates its Independence Day on August 17. This national holiday commemorates the independence of Gabon from France in 1960. The festivities usually last for two days, August 16 and 17. More

  • Congo Independence Day

    This day is declared as the National Holiday and celebrated by a host of events within The Republic of the Congo. More

  • Chad Independence Day

    Although Chad achieved her liberty on August 11, 1960, the Independence Day of Chad is celebrated on January 11 to avoid the monsoon in August. Like most of the countries. More

  • Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Independence Day

    Independence Day is observed nationwide in Côte d’Ivoire, and schools, offices, and general businesses are closed for the day. The day is marked by national cultural events organized locally by the government. More

  • Benin Independence Day

    The Independence Day is a national holiday in Benin. Celebrations on this day take place on grand scale throughout the country. More

  • Liberia Independence Day

    The Independence Day is the day celebrated by the country to mark its freedom. The country gains independence after a lot of struggle. Once it gains freedom, it no more remains a part of any state or province. More

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