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Postponement of TOURISM TRAINING 101 Workshop.

Tourism Training 101 Workshop

The recent outbreak of a viral infection that has within a short period of 90 days grown to become a pandemic (meaning a worldwide infection) truly calls for necessary precautions in our public outings.

Globally, the virus has now infected more than 168,000 people and killed at least 6,610, according to the WHO.

Therefore, Governments all over the world along with Medical Experts and Health Officials have requested all citizens, to respect what has been called, ‘social distancing’, as one of the precautionary steps we must put in place, in order to stem the spread of the infection.

As result, at GOGE AFRICA, we are totally obliged to join in the campaigns for public safety, by announcing the POSTPONEMENT of our previously scheduled TOURISM TRAINING 101 Workshop, forthwith.

Whilst we cannot claim to be unaffected by this development, we are more than consoled by the promptness of institutional responses to the incidences of the infection in Nigeria so far.

So GOGE AFRICA is using this opportunity to commend both our Governments, at the States and National levels particularly Lagos State, as well as all Medical Personnel, for the uncommon deployment of mitigations to manage the infection. May we, therefore, kindly urge all of us to be as responsible as it is highly expected of us as citizens, to follow all the advertised guidelines on how we can stay safe, healthy and alive, as the war against the pandemic heightens.

We need to be infections free and healthily alive, if we want to continue with our lives, as soon as the pandemic is overcome.

The training workshop along with all our earlier planned premium activities, for the celebrations of 20 years of Goge Africa, would be announced, on the return to normalcy.


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Written by Martin Eze


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