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    Virgin Passport Syndrome: Our Experience Along the West African Border

    A road trip is packed with many sights and moments to relish. An experience which we encountered is the “Virgin Passport” syndrome at the border. Yes! Destination West Africa Project Team did a road trip from Nigeria – Benin Republic – Togo – Ghana – Cote D’Ivoire. Traveling by road from Nigeria to Cote D’Ívoire […] More

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    Destination West Africa Project

    The gap in local tourism movement, inter-connectivity, trade and investment within the West African sub-region spurred our strategic collaboration with Tourism stakeholders to change the narrative using Destination West Africa Project. More

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    Destination West Africa Project: Ghana

    Destination West Africa beckons you to Africa’s gold coast, to the exotic and culture rich country of Ghana! Explore the confluence of a rich cultural heritage,a well preserved history, an all-year round tropical climate and lots of unexplored economic activities and investment opportunities More