Virgin Passport Syndrome: Our Experience Along the West African Border

Virgin passport

A road trip is packed with many sights and moments to relish. An experience which we encountered is the “Virgin Passport” syndrome at the border.

Yes! Destination West Africa Project Team did a road trip from Nigeria – Benin Republic – Togo – Ghana – Cote D’Ivoire.

Traveling by road from Nigeria to Cote D’Ívoire could be very exciting for so many reasons! You get to choose how you travel: With Passport, or with ID card or you just slip through the borders, the choice is yours. But each choice has its pros and cons.

Secondly, you will experience the similarities and disparities in cultures, the beautiful coastal beaches as you drive through, from vibrant Lagos and its energy filled inhabitants, you are bound to feel the sudden change and drop in energy once you cross Seme boarder into Benin Republic. But above all, it is a journey filled with lots of exciting information, education and perhaps shocking revelations too.

For me the first shocker is THE VIRGIN PASSPORT. If you decide to travel with your International passport and you have not used that passport to cross the land boarder, it is considered a virgin passport regardless of how many visas or countries you have visited with that passport. Even if you have visited Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire multiple times by air, your passport is still a virgin passport at Seme Boarder, and there are cost implications.

In all, @gogeafrica and its project partners rode in comfort as ABC Transport supported our effort with a fully Air-conditioned 13 setter executive bus and a friendly but very professional driver. We call him Captain. Two other DWAP team members had to ride under cover with the general public bus so we can compare our experiences.

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Destination West Africa beckons…

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Written by Martin Eze


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