Destination West Africa Project

The need for Destination West Africa Project

The gap in local tourism movement, inter-connectivity, trade and investment within the West African sub-region spurred our strategic collaboration with Tourism stakeholders to change the narrative using Destination West Africa Project.


  • To Promote Tourism, Trade and Investment opportunities in West Africa.
  • To advocate and encourage interconnectivity and economic activities within the region.
  • To attract Nigerian travelling population to visit West African countries and vice versa.
  • To draw the attention of world travelers to West Africa.
  • To share the beauty of our common heritage, cultural similarities and diversity with one another and the global community.
  • To position partnering countries as MUST VISIT DESTINATION in Africa.
  • To support and collaborate with stakeholders and available legal authorities to ensure that international best practices are applied in all tourism services across the region.
  • Finally, to increase sales and business activities for partners and brands involved in this project.

Proposed Program Duration: 6 – 12 months (to be reviewed)

Information on the project is primarily hosted on the initiators and conveners of Destination West Africa Project (DWAP) as well as all partners website.

First Press Release to announce the project (DONE)

Content creation (short video clips/pictures & flyers for the region and posting of same on combined/partner and associates social media handle = Already in progress.

Second press conference = in view

    • Phase one: activation starts with DWAP Media & Advocacy Fam.Tour from August; to 10 West African countries, namely;From Nigeria > Togo > Benin Republic > Ghana > Ivory Coast.

  • Phase two activation with DWAP Media & Advocacy Fam.TourFrom Nigeria > The Gambia > Senegal > Guinea Conakry > Liberia > Sierra Leone.
*A list of persons on the trip is at the end of this document.

Our visit is to showcase some of the Tourism assets, Trade & Investment opportunities in each country, meet with stakeholders and relevant Government authorities for interviews and to discuss the challenges of inter-connectivity business opportunities and strategies to increase investment/tourism arrivals from Nigeria/West African countries into our host country and vise versa.

Our experiences in each country will be shared live! on social media via partnering bloggers and social media influencers as well as all partners involved in the project.
Goge Africa TV series on 15 Channels, You & I with Monalisa TV show shall promote & share our experiences over the following 3 months with assured visibility of over 40miilion viewers in Nigeria alone.

Links will be shared and promoted to the global community.

Conference/Summit to encourage Tour Operator in West Africa to support Regional Domestic Tourism and intra-Africa travels.

Destination West Africa Project Team shall attend relevant events within the next one year to promote the mission and vision of the project.

We need Cross-Sectoral collaboration to make DWAP a success.

Required Components shall include but not limited to the following:

  1. DWAP team to be hosted by each country; full board accommodation, local transportation, guided tour of the attractions our host country wish to promote, necessary permits, meeting, media interviews and Reception with stakeholders, relevant authorities/organizations and the Nigerian community in host country.
  2. Partnerships and collaborations with ECOWAS, governments of countries within the West Africa sub-region, organizations, Professional Associations, corporates and individuals interested in the development and promotion of Africa.
  3. Strategic collaborations to market and raise funds for the project to make it sustainable. Please note that 15% commission is allotted to any organization or person responsible for initiating and closing any financial sponsorship deal for this project.
  4. More brain storming with professionals in different but relevant fields to the success of DESTINATION WEST AFRICA PROJECT.

Our Mission

To project West Africa as a choice destination for Travel and Investment.

Our Vision

To close the gaps in interconnectivity within the West African Sub-region.

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