An Experience of Haiti’s Tourism Haven, Labadee

Labadee, Haiti Tourism Haven

Identifying the strategic place of African-diaspora in contemporary times, Africa’s frontline media and tourism brand, Goge Africa reignited ties with the diaspora community in Haiti. Basking in the euphoria of her 20 Years of promoting Africa’s culture and heritage to the world, Goge Africa travel club members, sailed forth  to Haiti.

Goge Africa Travel Club members pose for a photo at Labadee.

Uncovering the history of racial inclusion cannot be complete without the inclusion of Haiti. Diametric to the portrayals trumped up in the media space on Haiti, this Caribbean nation has a paradise attracting tourists, seeking adventures and a glimpse into its aesthetic landscape.

Goge Africa Travel Club members smile to the camera. Behind is the docked gigantic ‘Allure of the Seas’
Kamara and mom, Nneka Isaac Moses having fun at the Island of Labadee.
Beautiful landscape and beach. Goge Africa duo (Isaac and Nneka Moses, middle) flanked by members of Goge Africa Travel Club.
Yea, you should be here. Come along with Goge Africa Travel Club, let’s take you where you should be.
Deborah Wright (sitting in a reclined position) Grace Chito (standing) exploring the Caribbean beach waterfront.

Drawing tourists from around the world on board Royal Caribbean cruise liners, the paradise of Haiti is brought to public glare. An island brimming in aesthetic beauty, Labadee – Haiti’s tourism goldmine covers an incredible 260-acres peninsula. With five breathtaking beaches, packed with relaxation areas and activities to be keep tourists enthralled, fun was never in short demand. Catering for an avalanche of human interests, subsumed into eco-tourism, Labadee is indubitably an idea tourism destination for all.

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Written by Martin Eze


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