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Carnival Calabar 2019 Advocates For Humanity

A Celebration of Humanity

Models of Passion 4 Band.
A biker poses for a photograph with Goge Africa’s duo: Nneka and Isaac Moses.

In sync with our passion for the promotion of culture and tourism across Africa and our resolute search for 20 Must Visit Destinations in Nigeria and Africa at large, our team was present to witness the colourful Carnival Calabar which we’ve promoted since its inception.

The ancient city of Calabar was aglow during the yuletide. It was not the visit of the three wise men, neither was it a convergence of residents awed by the effort of Mary Slessor, towards the end of the obnoxious killing of twins. Rather, it was the convergence of multitudes in a historic city, holding a significant place in the annals of history, for the celebration of our collective identity – HUMANS.

Cheerleaders of Metallic Bikers Crew, dancing to the admiration of the spectators.
Governor Ben Ayade (middle), declaring the Carnival Calabar Street Parade 2019 open.

The Carnival Calabar is Africa’s biggest street party and ranked 4th biggest carnival in the world. The 2019 edition witnessed the convocation of entertainers, government functionaries, domestic and foreign tourists; all held spellbound by the energetic performances for a whole week.

Bikers posing to the camera on Bikers Festival at the Carnival Calabar, 2019.
A biker performing a stunt.
Chilly stunt by a Metallic Biker.
Did you notice the trail? That’s from a screeching stunt!
Former Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency, Donald Duke on his majestic bike.
Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency, Ben Ayade on his bike.
Models of Passion 4 Band.
Africa’s largest street party, Carnival Calabar was graced by veterans of Africa’s biggest movie industry, Nollywood.
A carnival train with an effigy of Mary Slessor and rescued twins, infused with the logos of different humanitarian groups.
A costumed facial representation of man in a state of inhumanity.
A jackboot train representing man’s inhumanity to fellow man.


A depiction of an equipment in a minefield leading to the death of humans hosting the mine. One of the many inhumanities associated with mankind.

Themed “HUMANITY”, the Carnival Calabar was a platform to address the inanities depreciating the existence of mankind. From the energetic unimaginable stunts on display by bikers, who journeyed from different parts of Nigeria to Calabar; to the Carnival parade by competitive and non-competitive bands featuring interesting and colourful costumes, choreography, dramatic performances depicting the theme – HUMANITY; to the international community bridging the preponderant gap of human restrictions existing in today’s world; Carnival Calabar was a celebration of man’s existence with a vision for a peaceful world.

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Written by Martin Eze


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