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Senegal Farm Tour Experience


Arrival at Dakar

On the 8th of August, 2019, the Goge Africa team flagged off its itinerary tour to some of the nicest places in Africa tagged #20MustVisitDestinationsInAfrica. This is a unique, half-hour travelogue series that will profile the best and unique selling points of 20 select tourism friendly countries within the continent visited by team Goge Africa and Senegal was the first on the list!

Breakfast at KFH

The eight-day tour courtesy of the Senegalese Agency for Tourism Promotion in association with the Ministry of Tourism and Air Transportation was carefully crafted to afford participants maximum pleasure as they had the luxury of savouring mouth-watering dishes in some of Senegal’s most exotic restaurants and hotels such as: King Fahad Palace (Restaurant). ANN SABRAN (Restaurant Gorée), Chez Salim (Lac Rose Restaurant) Palm Beach (Restaurant and Hotel Meeting Room) Bandia (Restaurant) Riviera (SALY Restaurant) Relais de Kaolack (Restaurant) The new Wave at ISSA (Mar Lodj Restaurant) and La Paillote (Restaurant PALM BEACH).

Aside the mouth-delicacies on the menu, participants also had the chance of exploring the country’s tourist and historical sites such as The Museum of Black Civilisation, the Craft Village of Soumbedioune, the Kermel Market, one of Dakar’s most vibrant markets and so many other places!

There was also an entertainment show by a folk troupe in the gardens of Ngor Diarama Hotel. The week-long nonstop expedition further featured other activities such as a tour to the Dakar Pink Lake, the Bandia Animal Reserve, Saloum Delta Nature Reserve etc.

The Goge Africa #20MustVisitDestinationInAfrica continues with another tour coming soon. You can join the fun and suggest our next tour destination. Connect with us on our various social media platforms and let’s make the last quarter of the year one to remember!

Goge Africa! “Celebrating Africa’s heritage.”

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Written by Ojoi Igajah


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