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The Abuja Garden Show

Welcome to the exciting world of plants and trees

The event, which drew a diverse crowd of nature enthusiasts, horticulturists, and entrepreneurs in the green economy, provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.
Goge Africa, was proudly represented at the event by its Abuja representative, Ms. Nneka Faith Edeme, a passionate advocate for sustainable tourism and environmental conservationist.
She engaged with participants and exhibitors, exchanging ideas on promoting eco-friendly tourism and showcasing the rich botanic heritage of Nigeria. In line with Goge Africa’s commitment to celebrating Africa’s natural beauty and cultural diversity, Ms. Faith highlighted the significance of events like the Abuja Garden Show in fostering environmental consciousness and promoting the preservation of botanic diversity.
Throughout the three-day event, attendees acrosss disciplines marveled at the stunning display of indigenous and exotic plants, as well as innovative gardening techniques and landscape designs in the most vibrant displays that captured the essence of sustainable living and horticultural artistry.

Eminent personalities , such as Mrs. Oludolapo osinbanjo the co convener of the garden show and wife of the former vice-president if Nigeria opined on her opening address. ” Welcome to the exciting world of plants and trees. Welcome to sights, sounds, smells and sensation and a sweet relationship with plants. “Welcome to the fragrance of flowers, roses, lilies… there is a leaf in the garden when crushed, smells like garlic! Enjoy the sounds of the plants as they speak with you..

As the event came to a close on the 3rd of December, participants departed with a renewed appreciation for the vital role plants and gardens play in enriching lives and the environment. The Abuja Garden show had once again succeeded in inspiring a deeper connection with nature and cultivating a sense of environmental stewardship amongst its visitors.

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