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Nigeria Horse Week Hold Huge Economic Opportunities for Equestrian Tourism

Nigeria Horse Week 2020

The horse is one of Nigeria’s elitist animal, eliciting reverence and conferring status on stable owners. Since its appearance on the Nigerian landscape, it has established a firm grip on the society across cultural, sports and leisure activities of Nigerians.

From historic era, where they were instrumental to the ascendancy of different kingdoms – bringing their strength to the battlefield, up to the present times, where they gallop through fields at ceremonial durbars, the sands of beach fronts and race course turfs; adding colour to events, and winning laurels for their riders.

Though incorporated into several facets of Nigeria, one of the predominant recent activities bringing to bare the strength of the horse is sports. Notably recognized as an elite sport, horse sporting games has brought individuals across several backgrounds to the turf.

Proven to be a source of revenue, physical exercise, entertainment, recreation and networking, the horse sports industry has not reached its huge economic potentials in Nigeria. This obvious underwhelming performance of the Nigerian equestrian industry, unlike her contemporaries around the world, is not unrelated to the knowledge gap amongst Nigerians on this hugely untapped economic goldmine.

Having identified this, ROOTSYNC ENTERTAINMENT, through The Nigeria Horse Week, themed “Unlocking the Economic Potential of the Nigeria Horse Sport Industry” intends to drive grassroots awareness on the abundant opportunities in the equestrian industry. A novel event which recognizes the impact of horse in Nigeria, it further holds promises as a launch pad to drive to prominence the tourism potentials of the equestrian industry.

The Nigeria Horse Week 2020 is slated to hold from the 13th – 15th, November, 2020 at the Guards Polo Club, Mambilla Barracks, Asokoro, Abuja. Side attractions include: fashion runway, show jumping, polo, horse racing, durbar cultural display, musical concerts, Nigeria equine industry awards and a host of other events.

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Written by Martin Eze


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