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Goge Africa 20th Anniversary Contest

THEME: Our Culture Our Heritage

We are truly appreciative of you all, for the huge enthusiasm and good faith, which has been demonstrated both severally and collectively, in the Creative Contests. You have been invited to participate in the contest to mark the 20 years of GOGE AFRICA on TV and as a Consulting Enterprise. We have instituted these contests as a platform to engender consciousness for good citizenship, the appreciation of human values and the building of a respectable culture of quality mentoring. These are indispensable elements of our entrepreneurial legacy.



We have constituted different Panels of Judges to look at the versatility and ingenuity of your highly Creative Entries. Each category is thus constituted and assigned to the appropriate Panel of Judges. We should give the Judges adequate time to go through all the works. Again, we remain thankful that all the Constituted Panels have an International spread, from Nigeria, to the Continent and the Diaspora. The Judges are as enthusiastic as all of us, about this creative exercise. After their outcomes and rankings, we shall then upload all the Works online for the broadest assessment of your creativities. The timeline for the Panel of Judges to work is 25 days, after the closure date for the submission of entries.



In deference to the huge traffic the worldwide web commands in our Digital Age, the online voting is to increase 3600 participation of assessment based on public goodwill for each and every participant. But note that online votes will constitute only a percentage of marks generated by your Entry. During this phase of the Contests, we shall expect you as Participant, to encourage your supporters, followers and admirers, drive the traffic of goodwill to your uploaded works.

The timeline for Online Voting is 20days per Category of Contest within a week after receipt of rankings by the Panel of Judges.

The Selected Entries will be upload and grouped thus:

  • WRITING CATEGORY (Poetry / Short Story / Screenplay)         FIRST 20DAYS
  • PHOTOGRAPHY CATEGORY                                                    SECOND 20DAYS
  • ARTS CATEGORY                                                                          THIRD 20DAYS
  • VIDEO DOCUMENTARY CATEGORY                                           FOURTH 20DAYS
  • FASHION DESIGNS CATEGORY                                               FIFTH 20DAYS



The official announcement of WINNING ENTRIES (from the top prize winners to consolation prizes winners) will be announced to the public, not later than 20 working days after closing of the online voting.



We shall be mounting an exhibition of the WINNING WORKS from our contests alongside some of the never-seen images and artistic expressions from Goge Africa archives together with the selected works of iconic Photographers, Artists, Fashion Designers, and other Creatives from around Africa. The exhibition will be Expertly Curated over a number of days, in a choice location, to be determined by our Lead Partners.



We shall honor all our Winning Contestants at the prestigious GALA EVENING that will be the crowning jewel of GOGE AFRICA at TWENTY Celebrations. The evening will have our winners in the prestigious company of TWENTY DISTINGIUISHED AWARDEES of GOGE AFRICA’s MEDAL OF HONOR who will be selected from all over Africa and the Diaspora.

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