Educational Tour, East Africa

Discover the best of East Africa on this all encompassing educational tour; from a visit to grandmother of humanity and African union building in Ethiopia to safari adventure and paradise lost park in Kenya to royal burial tombs and cultural exchange in Uganda.

Educational Tour, Part III – Uganda

This episode relives Goge Africa travel club’s educational tour of Uganda, filled with immersion learning and unwinding experience. From viewing collection of artifacts to engaging in cultural and educational exchange to wildlife adventure

Educational Tour, Part II – Kenya

The next stop on Goge Africa travel club educational tour of East Africa is Kenya where the team explores why the country is regarded as safari capital, its collection of historical evidence, and struggle for freedom and stride a modern sovereign state.

Educational Tour, Part I – Ethiopia

This episode of Goge Africa is an educational tour of Ethiopia highlighting the country as a primordial site, an anchor of African politics, an aviation hub and a land of undying traditions. Furthermore, sights and sounds segment reveals all you need to know as a visitor to the capital of Africa.

Funeral Rites of An Nze TItle Holder

An expose on why funeral rites in Igbo society is not for grieving but a celebration of the deceased’s legacy. SIGHTS AND SOUNDS It is sights and sounds of spectacular dance moves by Igba Mmonwu masquerade.

We’re Hiring – Tourism Desk Assistant

The role is well suited to someone with a love for travelling. The Tourism Assistant should reasonably understand the  industry, be able to book flights, package tours, showcase amazing places to people and make them want to go there as well as manage protocol and attendant logistics.

NGOs Moving African Tourism, Anambra Tourism Portal Initiative Launched.

Tourism is fast evolving and African nations are not left behind. Leaders are now implementing policies to drive the industry forward, visa free entries are being announced and non-government organisations are taking ownership of the industry. We couldn’t be more proud and excited.

Aboko Festival

The Aboko festival is an annual event of the Igala people in Idah, It's one of the flagship festival in Igala land, featuring Boat Regatta and traditional performances from locals.

Igwaji Aggah

Igwaji Aggah festival is a celebration of the harvest and eating of the new yam in Egbema clan in Rivers State.

FADAN Runway 2015

Runway FADAN 2015 is a fashion show aimed at encouraging young and emerging designers as well as to promote Nigeria’s culture through fashion and style.

MTN KultureFest: Leboku Festival 2017

The month of August in Southern Nigeria is synonymous with new yam celebrations. Known as Leboku in Yakurr community, new yam celebrations is marked with a spectacle of beautiful maidens, uncommon procession of chiefs and sumptuous meals.

Badagry Festival 2015

Badagry Festival is a remembrance of the slave trade era and the significance of the town during the era.

Igwaji Aggah 2015

Igwaji Aggah festival is a celebration of the harvest and eating of the new yam in Egbema clan in Rivers State

WTD Gembu 2015

World Tourism Day in Gembu projects the alluring natural and colourful cultural endowment of the Mambila plateau.

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