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Travel Tips During Ramadan

Ramadan Travel Tips

The sight of the crescent moon draws Muslim faithful across the world in a union of faith, the Ramadan. This period calls for fasting accompanied by holiness. Traveling to a region populated by Islamic faithful at the time of this religious observance is a new experience.

Therefore, it calls for preparation and knowledge of practices which are obtainable across the respective countries or regions. Here are some travel tips which might come handy on a trip to an Islamic populated state/region.

• Ensure Your Itinerary is Well-Planned:

Before you embark on your trip, ensure that you have a well-planned itinerary. Preferably, your trips should be undertaken very early in the morning or at noon. As the city, restaurants, roads and public hangout spots are all likely to get busy with people at sunset (Maghrib). You might end up missing your flight, not purchasing your needs, or worse still meeting the shops under lock and key.

• Dress Appropriately:

However hot the temperature might be, indecent dressing is a turn-off. While packing for a trip to any tourism destination observing Ramadan, tight fitted and short body revealing wears  is a turn-off. Rather, embrace modest piece of clothings which are loosely fitted with not space to flaunt the body.

• Avoid Drinking, Eating and Smoking in Public:

Although drinking, eating or smoking in public places is not a crime in some localities, during the course of the Ramadan fast, it is not advisable. Going contrary to this, can be viewed as disrespectful and a mockery of the religious duty of faithful. However, in the event of a health challenge, requiring you to eat, this must be done within the confines of your room.

• Check the Laws of the Country You Are Visiting:

Before you embark on your trip, ensure you check the laws of the country you are visiting. In the event of an inability to access these laws, ensure that there is a tour guide to lead you, least you fall foul of any of these laws.

  • Keep Covid-19 Rules

While you are lost in the fun of travels, remember to keep all Covid-19 protocols. Your health and safety is of utmost concern to us.

While you look forward to the experiences of your trip, we hope you have an adventurous experience.

Bon voyage!

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Written by Martin Eze


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