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Celebrating Duality At The World Twins Festival, Igbo-Ora

Twins Festival

Igbo-Ora, a somnolent rural community in Yoruba land, South West Nigeria is the famed twins capital of the world. A status conferred on the community because of the high twinning births by the indigenes. It has thus become a Mecca of sort.

From attracting individuals seeking to uncover the mystery behind this phenomenon, to tourists left in awe of this rare wonder of nature, Igbo Ora is a destination, at the annual Festival of Twins. Located in Oyo state, Nigeria, this rural community came alive as visitors thronged in, to witness the largest gathering of twins, in the world.

Twins in Yoruba cosmology, are celebrated as a special honour, bestowed on their Parents by God. Believed to be harbingers of happiness, health and prosperity, the birth of twins is heralded with pomp and glamour. Tagged “Twinning for Global Peace”, the second edition of the Igbo-Ora Twins Festival, was positioned to launch Oyo State as the foremost twins-tourism destination in the world.

The outing featured twins parade, circus performance, twins talent show etc. The festive occasion saw a display of duality, spiced with traditional hospitality and entertainment. Goge Africa, was present to capture the highlights of the festival.

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Written by Martin Eze


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