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The Pride Of An African Woman – Her Hair

Pride of an African Woman

Attached primarily to its aesthetic value, African natural hair has trumped its perceived discriminatory status to become one of the most accepted and sought after around the world. Historically, hair is a source of identity. In our contemporary world, African hair has witnessed a transformation from just an identity to one which evokes pride, in its mass and texture.

Today, attributed to its immense adoption as a fashion fad among fashion enthusiasts, across all ages, Africa and foreign folks alike, are increasingly resorting to a feel of nature, creating appealing art through their hair. The immense benefits derivable from this cannot be overemphasized. Increasing concerns, for instance, about health has dissuaded the use of foreign hair products containing noxious chemical constituents, tilting focus therefore to African nature-based hair solutions for care of our natural hair. We must not forget that these chemicals are responsible for loss of hair, scalp burns, baldness, scalp irritation and other innumerable health complications which could be life-threatening.

Easily styled in whatever hairdo one seeks, either afro, curly, kinky, or braided; African natural hair makes a bold fashion statement in whatever form.

Frontal view of an African Hairstyle: Goge Up-Do #The Africa We Want.
Side view of an African Hairstyle: Goge Up-Do #The Africa We Want.

Nature-based hair products,  such as garlic oil, coconut oil, moringa oil, shea butter, utilized towards hair maintenance are abundant but are lying fallow in our surrounding environment. With a burgeoning market for Afro-hair around the world, ostensibly estimated at about $500 billion, through export of its own natural hairs and exploitation of hair care products, Africa might be on its way to an economic rejuvenation. Significantly, our hair is a symbol of royalty which is to be regaled in honour and pride; an identity that is not foisted on us but should be embraced.


L-R: Founder, KL’S Naturals, Kemi Lewis; M.D. Goge Africa, Nneka Isaac Moses; Founder, African Hair Summit, Adanna Egwuatu Enwezor all sporting African hairstyle.
L-R: MTV Base Presenter Ehiz a.k.a. dadaboy and M.D., Goge Africa, Nneka Isaac Moses showcasing with pride their styled natural hair.





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Written by Martin Eze


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