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Badagry Diaspora Festival 2019: A Re-Connection To Motherland

A Journey To Motherland

Against the background of a sad historical past, Badagry is leading the charge for the rectification of a rather troubling part of that historical past dating to the 18th century.

Dubbed “A Pilgrimage To The Motherland: The Third Coming”; the Badagry Diaspora Festival 2019, was jointly organized by Door of Return Initiative Nigeria (DRIN) and office of the SSA to the President on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs. It witnessed the influx of some of the descendants of victims of the slave trade who considered a visit to the motherland, as life-changing.

Amongst the home-comers, we also had humane friends who also saw the visit as rewarding. The event brought feelings of nostalgia amongst victims of this horrendous trade to further underscore the emotional depth of the reconnection with the motherland by Members of the Diaspora community present.

Adding glamour to the event were cultural troupes of the several quarters in Badadgry, who were gaily dressed including students from institutions of higher learning, along with stakeholders in the tourism industry, who were all present to engage the returnees. The returnees who were thrilled by the entertainment offered by the Badagry indigenes, expressed their pleasure at the hospitality and reception accorded to them.

Poised to foster relations between African-Diaspora and Nigeria, the delegation made commitments towards initiating projects which would enhance sustainable development of Badagry. Goge Africa crew was on hand to cover the event.

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Written by Martin Eze


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