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Rotary Club Of Eko Atlantic Pledges To Cultural Diplomacy

Themed: Cultural Diplomacy As A Catalyst For Peace and Conflict Resolution


The Rotary Club of Eko Atlantic hosted a captivating seminar featuring members and non-members alike drawn from across different spectrums of society.

At the event, the renowned culture Ambassador, Nneka Isaac Moses was the keynote speaker.

Themed “Cultural Diplomacy As A Catalyst For Peace and Conflict Resolution,” the event was a stimulating exercise, expounding the transformative power of understanding and appreciating diverse cultures in fostering peace and resolving conflict.

Amb. Nneka Isaac-Moses in her presentation, captivated the audience with anecdotes and insights gleaned from her travels across the globe. Drawing upon her personal experiences interacting with various cultures, she painted a vivid picture of how cultural understanding can bridge divides, build trust, and pave the way for positive conflict resolution.

She also emphasized the importance of recognizing the inherent value and unique perspectives of different cultures. She stressed the need to actively seek to learn and appreciate the richness and diversity of cultural nuances. This, she argued, forms the bedrock of effective cultural diplomacy, which can then be leveraged to address conflict at its root, before it escalates.

The seminar resonated deeply with Rotarians and guests alike, sparking lively discussions on the practical application of cultural diplomacy in everyday life.

Participants explored how these principles could be applied in their communities, workplaces, and even personal interactions.

An award of honour was presented to the Goge Africa duo – Amb. Nneka Isaac-Moses & Amb. Isaac Moses; and Mr Harsh Vardhan Mehta, President, Indian Professionals Forum, Lagos.

The seminar concluded with a charge, urging everyone to become active ambassadors of cultural understanding.

The evening wrapped up with a networking session by participants present.

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